Friday, October 8, 2010


A few weeks ago, I watched the movie DEAR JOHN not knowing that it had anything to do with Autism (because, I usually like to be prepared for that). Well it wasn't the little Autistic boy that upset me, it was the adult with Autism that really struck an emotion with me. I cried like a baby through most of the movie. Thinking about it all week, I realized that when I think of Will as an adult, I don't think of him having Autism. It is kind of like this is just something that we are having to go through with him as a child. With all the biomedical treatments that we are doing with Will there is hope. There is a lot of frustration too! Do we have him on the right supplements, how to get all the supplements in him each day, the diet (ugh), etc. But the reality of it is that we might have to deal with this for our whole life. That he may struggle. But I will remain hopeful.

This last two weeks Will has had very bad days and very good days. For a few days last week he was so out of sorts. He was violent, didn't listen, got upset easily, etc. Then it turned around and he had some great days where he behaved, used good manners, and seemed generally happier. Did we do something different? Did he have a problem from the weather? What?? I couldn't tell you but the questions drive me crazy sometimes. Trying to figure out what we did right or what we did wrong.

Tonight, Will has been talking up a storm. He has been using sentences all night. "Daddy, I made a boat at school, too" or "Gmom, open this door, NOW!" (he thinks since we say it, he can too). The speech improvement isn't what makes me the happiest, it's the sharing of his day and the conversations that he is having. I LOVE IT!!