Friday, July 30, 2010

What we are eating

I have not posted in quite a while and I had a friend ask what Will eats to help out her son so I
figured I would blog about what we are eating right now. We are really happy because there are some really good Gluten Free/Casein Free foods coming onto the market that make our lives
much easier and limits things that Will has to miss out on.

Probably the most exciting product is the new bread. It is actually very similar to regular bread. Not that heavy bread that we are used to that you need to toast to be able to eat. My son Taylor even had a grilled cheese (he is not gf/cf) on the bread yesterday and said it was good! Two
brands that we are eating right now are Udi and Nature's Own. I found the Udi at Ingles and the
Nature's Own at Kroger.

Will has become really picky in his old age (Just turned 4, I can't believe it!!) and so once we find some stuff he will eat then we stock up. He loves these Chicken Apple Sausages (the ones without the casings) Whole foods makes a great one or you can get these Applegate Farms at Kroger. Also, the chicken nuggets.

These snap peas are good for on the go (make sure you don't get the ones with cheese!)

These cookies are good and you can get them at Amazon for a good price!
Cereal choices- Rice Krispies and Mother Bumpers (really?? You couldn't have come up with a better name then that? )
So, those are our current favorite products that are GF/CF. Enjoy!