Friday, March 19, 2010

This one's for you Lynn!

As soon as you become a mom you know a new type of guilt that, even if you are Catholic, you have never known before. Well being the mom of a special needs child you have even more. "Did I do anything to cause this?", "am I making the right decisions?", etc. Often I am reading on facebook about how a mom is "making a special St. Patricks day breakfast for their kids" or "making crafts together", etc. Things like this, make me feel inadequate as a mom. Stupid, I know. I am not insecure at much in my life, except this.
And then.... We have had a hell week here with Will going through Yeast die off (because of the Nystatin). For a few days he has been uncontrollable, happy one second and totally freaking out the next. Yesterday was the worst. After hours of on and off meltdowns, I was sitting on the couch holding him tight so he couldn't bite me or scratch me and just whispering "calm down" in his ear. On the verge of tears and then I had this thought, I might not be that mom that has it all together, but I bet some of those Martha Stewart types, that make everything look so easy, couldn't handle days like these. And I felt better.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Dentist Success~Driving home...not so much!

Will had his dental cleaning appointment this last week. I made Kevin come with me because in the past it has been a very difficult appointment and usually I have to hold him down screaming while they look in his mouth. Not this time!! He climbed up in the chair, laid down, and even tried to turn on the light for the dentist. In past appointments because it has been so difficult the dentist just used a regular toothbrush and glance trying not to get bit! Well the hygienist used the regular spinning toothbrush, flossed, and used fluoride and Will sat patiently for the entire thing!! It was amazing and great!! I was so proud of my little guy and so was his Daddy!!
So, it takes us about 1.15 hour to get to the dentist because it is in Athens so I decided to sit in the backseat with Will to play on the way home. I guess he had behaved for long enough and he tried to hit me/scratch me the majority of the way home. I guess he had too much stimulation or something. I was still super proud of him.