Monday, February 1, 2010

On the Move!!

Well we moved mid December to Snellville, GA! It is a great OLD (35 years old!) house but has so much character. It really screams KEVIN more than me but I do love it as well. It is 3 bedroom ranch with a sunroom and a huge playroom for Will. It also has a detached garage and 2 story barn for Kevin and a full sand volleyball court out back!! We haven't unpacked all the boxes yet but it is feeling more and more like home every day.

Will had a hard time with the transition but it didn't last too long. With the move and with Christmas we gave him a break from his GF/CF diet and I really couldn't tell that big of a difference besides his eczema has gotten really bad. But we are ready to get back into gear to see if that clears it up.

He actually has been talking really well lately. Some days he doesn't talk as much as others, and he doesn't always answer you but overall he is asking questions and interacting. It is so wonderful to hear him talk and even sing!

Will is also on the move lately! He has been attempting to "escape" as much as he can in the new house. We haven't gotten a fence up in the back yard and he figured out in a big hurry how to unlock the sliding glass door. Uh-Oh!! You can't turn your head for a second because he is either trying to get outside or dumping something out. He even pushed a chair up to one of the windows in the sunroom and climbed out!! Of course, Grandma was watching him and Kevin grabbed him while he was in the yard but what a scare!!

So a lot of changes lately, and besides still working on the behavior issues, Will has come such a long way and I am so proud of him!!

I love my little pie!

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