Monday, February 15, 2010

New Title

I changed the title of our blog. First off because I am not keeping track of what Will eats anymore. He is still on GF/CF diet most of the time (when he isn't grabbing a whole pack of hot dog buns and hiding under the table) and his food doesn't differ that often so no need to keep track in that way. I will still add our "favorite foods" to the list on the right as we try new things.

Secondly, Kevin and I watched Temple Grandin last night and that is what Temple's mom had said to one of her teachers', that Temple was "different, but not less" and that really touched Kevin and I. It was an amazing movie, so touching and informative. It is playing on HBO right now and I recommend watching it.

So often, people think that disabled or special needs people are less and don't deserve their respect or even their attention and that is so wrong! Will is such a great, sweet, fabulous kid and is definitely not less, just a little different. If anything, he is so much more!

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