Friday, September 4, 2009

Ouch! - Behavior Issues

Whoever said "The Terrible Twos" never had a 3 year old!! Will has been testing boundaries, I guess?? When he does not get what he wants he will hit, bite, scratch, pull hair, and throw things. It hurts! I have had 3 or 4 black eyes and Kevin and I are covered in scratches! (Thank God for cover up!). He just will walk up to you and scratch you or hit you, for whatever reason. The question is what to do about it??
neuro-typical child would receive a "Time-Out" and maybe a "pop" on the hand if that didn't work. Well none of that works on our little one. The only way to get him to take a "time-out" would be me holding him down -hands, feet, and head. If we give him a "smack" on his hand he will just laugh or smack you back.
The Doctor said to watch for things that trigger him off..... not getting his way, being tired, not getting his way, etc. That we should be empathetic with him and try and head off the meltdown. Make sure the expectation is within his capacity. I definitely need to do some reading. Going straight to Greenspan's book to managing difficult behavior!!! If we don't see some relief soon we will be making an appointment with Dr. Dunbar and see how she can help.