Wednesday, August 26, 2009


We have taken the summer off. Will turned 3 in July so our Babies Can't Wait services ended and I looked at that as a good time to take a couple of months and just breathe! No therapy, no doctor appoitments, no research. It was really nice. We took many trips to the pool (which Will absolutely LOVES!! - especially the water slide!), the zoo with Daddy and the cousins, the water park, stone mountain, and even a trip to Florida to see Kevin's family!

So we are starting back into all his treatments with a very positive outlook because Will's speech has taken off!! He is answering questions and even asking "WHY?".

Me: "Do you want to go to Aunt Karen's house?"
Will: "Yes!" just like that, first time I had heard it (mind you, he has had "No" down for a while).
Me:"Will, I love that you just said Yes"
Will: "Why?"
Me: "because it is Awesome to hear you talk"
Will: "Why?"

So very typical 3 year old question right?? Made us extremely happy!! He is following directions much better than before and taking No for an answer without having fits most of the time!

We are raising money for
Parkwood Farms Therapy Center where Will is being treated by a DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!) Dr. for his office visits and hyperbaric chamber dives (can't wait to start those!!) So if you would like to donate to the center (non-profit, so tax deductable) let Kevin or I know and Will gets a percentage off his treatments for any money we raise!!