Thursday, June 11, 2009

"A-Alligator, B-Bear, C-Camel..."

Will is "alphabet crazy"! He can say and identify every letter, even lower case and LOVES to point them out for you. He is adding new words daily and I would say in the last month has added at least 20-30 words! Can't tell you how long I had waited for him to say Mommy!!! Not only is he adding words, but he is also responding to directions and also vocalizing his wants and needs!! I highly recommend the website Will really loves it!
He is seeing a new Doctor at Parkwood Farms Therapy Center and she has added some new supplements that I think are helping greatly. D3 and another chelating agent added to the rest of the ones he is already taking. We are about to start Hyperbaric Chamber dives! Click
We are so very excited about this treatment and to get the test results back from his recent lab work. This week was the year anniversary of Will's diagnosis. You truly see who is there for you and who is not when things like this happen to your family. People surprise you both good and bad. I guess I am just grateful for the good surprises Kevin said "not really an anniversary he wanted to celebrate" and I agree. A lot of sadness and feelings get stirred up when I think about that day things became "official", but we try to look at the improvements that have been made and how far we have come, instead of how far we are behind.


  1. Crap, Taylor is logged into my computer again. Grrrrr, but you know who this is :op

  2. That is just so awesome! I'm gonna be showing the boys the starfall website. They love letters, too, and I had forgotten about that site. The last time you mentioned it to me, they just weren't getting it yet. Will is doing so good and you need to celebrate all of your successes!

    We're on the D3 as well and we're on week two of Enhansa. So far, Blake has started counting to five (even people who don't see him frequently understood it) and saying "hee-haw" for a donkey-lol! Brett also is saying hee-haw. Both are saying "again" very clearly.

    I'm so excited that our boys are making such wonderful progress! When are we going out for a celebratory drink? :o)