Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A good therapist is hard to find...

Will's speech therapist comes once a week. He works for us through Babies Can't Wait. (I think the program is a good idea but they get so bogged down with all their processes that it is about impossible to get anything done.) I'll get back to that in a minute... Anyway, his speech therapist is a guy and he comes every Tuesday. Now I don't know about your kids, but my 2-year old Autistic son is not going to sit still for 30 minutes and look at flash cards! I pretty much have to hold him down kicking and head butting for the entire time. When we first started with Babies Can't Wait they sent a girl who believed in teaching through playing, what a crazy idea! Well she left on maternity leave and when she came back she was in a different area. So we are stuck with Flash Card guy!

Will talks all morning and when this guy gets here he just shuts his mouth. Now, I would call our "Service Coordinator" with Babies Can't Wait and request a new therapist, easy right? However, when I fired our Occupational Therapist months ago they told me I would be getting a new one and I have yet to see that happen. I doubt by the time he ages out of the program in July I will have gotten a new one. Will does have a "special instructor" that comes on Wednesday's and he really loves her, so I am grateful for that!

It is just really sad that our kids need so much help and it is so difficult to get unless you have above average means (I was just reading about a family who spent over $1 million dollars in the first 10 years of trying to develop their son ). Now we are hoping with our new insurance that some of these services will be covered but typically Autism as a diagnosis is not covered. If you had a stroke your insurance would cover speech therapy because you can recover from a stroke, but the mainstream doesn't think our children can recover so they don't pay for it. Now what is wrong with that picture?!!?!!?


  1. EVERYTHING is wrong with that picture. It's unacceptable, really. :(

  2. we had the same experience with BCW. We actually didn't have a special instructor for awhile because the second one they sent tried to strap the boys into high chairs and do flash cards, and they are non verbal and don't read! If it were me, I would contact a supervisor and tell them you need a replacement, and that you can't wait a long period of time and keep calling them until you get someone. When we lost our OT, it took them over a YEAR to replace, and we lost at least 2 because they (THE coordinator) did not do the paperwork correctly. When we finally got one in place.. we had a month left before the boys turned 3! And don't even get me started about transitioning into the public school system. I am not sure how long you have to go, but start reading up on the IEP process well in advance. My experience was our BCW coordinator was absolutely no help with the process beyond contacting the school district for the initial evaluations, which I could have done myself. Can you tell our experience hasn't been the greatest?