Saturday, December 13, 2008

Promises, promises...

You know I haven't taken a real video of Will since the diagnosis. I also used to keep a weekly if not daily journal of things Will does, cute things, funny things, new things, etc. I haven't written in it one time since the diagnosis. Here are some exerts from my journal of Will:
3-10-07 You are so funny! You play peek a boo. We will be lying in bed in the morning and you will put the pillow over your face until I say "Where's Will?" and then you will pull it off and laugh!
4-25-07 You started clapping when I tell you to clap! It is so fun. We both laugh so loud when you do it.
5-14-07 Grandma tossed a tennis ball to you and you threw it back!! You picked up on this so fast and you cheer each time you toss the ball back to us.
7-10-07 You are playing a ham for the camera. You will give a big open mouth smile for us when we try to take a picture.
2/8/08 You hit everything with your head. When you are mad you hit the floor, the wall, or mama with your head. OUCH!
3/14/08 You still
aren’t talking except sometimes “mom”. You are not saying Baba (Bottle), Gom (grandma) or Dada anymore for some reason??

I'm not really sure when everything changed and when Will stopped looking into my eyes. I know it was after he turned 12 months and before 18 months.

I mentioned the holidays and how hard they are for me, Kevin and my friend Lynn have both said that it is important to focus on Will's improvement since we have started biomedical and not on how he is different from other children. Easier said than done, but I am trying.

It is not like I sit around all day crying about what my son can't do or what he does different. But knowing now what the "characteristics" of autism are I look at things differently. Last night we were decorating our Christmas tree and Will had made a line of Christmas items, big to little, and instead of being able to be excited that he can put things in order by size, I worry that he is regressing.

I am going to make a serious effort to enjoy every day with my son, to start using the video camera again, not to focus on what he can't do but what he can!


  1. Enjoy every minute you have together. Will is a blessing!!! God only knows when we will be gone and you never want a minute of "if I only". We love you guys and miss you!!! Hugs and kisses to all...........Michele & Brittney

  2. You explain how it feels to watch and hope your child will get better so well. I struggle daily with looking for the good instead of comparing mine to others. I will pray for you, it's a long struggle...