Monday, December 22, 2008

My kid is so freaking cute!!

Will has been doing so well lately, adding new words here and there. I can't tell you how much I love the look on Kevin's face when Will says Daddy. He has been giving hugs and kisses to more than just Mommy as well. He also is enjoying looking at things upside down! I really have been trying to focus on what a joy that he is and not focus on his Autism.
Will is handling things so much better these days. He is still banging his head and going "boneless" but not quite as much. Maybe it is because he has given up his naps and is just exhausted?? But it has been nice.

He has added some words and now says: Chee Chee for Choo Choo, Bye, Hello, Down, Up, Daddy, Jump, Think, Go, and he will count numbers (they don't sound like the words exactly but we know what he is saying). He hasn't said Mom in a while but every once in a while he will and it always make me super happy!!

He is just such a great kid and makes us laugh and smile everyday!


  1. Wow! That is so amazing! Lucky duck, you get to hear momma every now and then. That is my big Christmas wish. Blake said "what" a couple times tonight because I asked him, "what do you want?" We had a bad day yesterday, but thankfully, those days are less and less. Y'all have a very Merry Christmas. When in the heck are we going to get together anyways? LOL!

  2. Yes wow! Lovely to read all this! Great progress!

    Hope you all have a super happy christmas!!