Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thank you Autism Society of America-Georgia Chapter

This last Saturday Kevin, Taylor, Will and I went to see Madagascar 2, a Sensory Friendly Film that was hosted by Autism Society of America- Georgia Chapter and AMC Theaters. They keep the sound lower, the lights aren't as dark, and the silence is golden policy isn't enforced (which is actually a good thing for our 8 year, old Taylor) ~
It was great! With a child with Autism we would never have gone to the movie theater to see a film, much less with an Autistic 2 year old! But this weekend Will saw his first real movie in a real movie theater. We didn't have to worry about anyone staring because his hands were on his ears or because he wanted to walk up and down the steps. It was a stress free outing and we don't have a lot of those. He actually watched most of the movie! There was probably about 70-80 people there and no one cared that some of the kids needed to play their Nintendo or some kids made noises. We all were connected by the same journey in life and I felt a sort of camaraderie between everyone. We had a wonderful time and will definitely make this a monthly outing!


  1. awesome! I am glad you all had fun in a non judging environment-I wish all people were open to these children and their needs.

    Ignorance is what it is simply stated!

    My love to all-

  2. What a cool concept...I'm so happy you guys were able to enjoy some family time in a comfortable setting. We'd love to tag along sometime!