Thursday, October 30, 2008

Keep Moving Forward!

"Keep Moving Forward!" It is the theme to one of Will's Disney movies' Meet the Robinsons. It is what we try to do. Some days we mope or we cry. The worst times for me is when he is around other kids his age or younger and you can see the differences. It hits home that my child is going to have a harder time in life just living. But still we keep going, we know this is the most important time to see the biggest improvements and so you keep going even when you want to crawl in bed and pull the covers over your head (although Kevin lets me do that some days too).
Some people focus on the cause of their childs Autism and although we try not to do this, since we think it is more productive to focus on the development, it is easy to get frustrated.

It is so hard to stay focused and positive when you are constantly seeing some news show or read some magazine article where a Dr. is telling you that the fact that you think the environment(Vaccines, BPA, toxins, etc) had anything to do with your childs Autism is crazy. Autism used to be 1 in 10,000 kids and now is 1 in 150 kids. This shows you that it is environmental. Genetics don't cause epidemics!! The arrogance of the doctors, the AAP, the CDC, the NIH to think that just because their studies by doctors who are most likely funded by pharmacutical companies say that vaccines are not harmful to children that they are not. That the million of parents who are watching it change their child are wrong. They are so easy to dismiss the fact that so many children are effected by vaccines and so many are healed through biomedical treatments because they don't see their results as "evidence based". It is quite frustrating!! I mean how many times has 'Science' been wrong?? Many by my count.

I will tell you about us. When Kevin and I first started to accept that Will had Autism we were devastated (still some days just as much as the first). I was looking up anything and everything on the Internet and came across this video on Now everything was not exactly the same but we saw enough similarities between Will and her son that her children's success brought us hope. It is where we first heard of a DAN! Doctor and started to learn about the biomedical treatments. I then got Jenny McCarthy's book Louder Than Words and as I read I wept (I say wept instead of cried b/c it was some serious crying :) So many of the things she was writing about was what we were feeling at that time. - By the way, I recommend this book to anyone who knows anyone with Autism, it truly will help you understand their pain and their journey.

The point of this post is mostly because I have a lot of anger right now that I need to get out but it is also so if even one person reads this and is convinced to look into Biomedical for the treatment of their child it is worth it!

BIOMEDICAL is worth looking into! It does not work on every child, this is true, it is not fast and it is expensive but it is worth trying. We are seeing our child do things everyday that we never thought was possible with this diagnosis. I thank God for Dr. Sloan and for Jenny McCarthy, and for the people who even through ridicule have stayed the course on this treatment to heal our children.


  1. talk to me, sister!
    i feel you, i embrace you, i encourage you, i support you.
    our boys will make an impact on this world and i *cannot wait* to sit down over tea with you (coffee? beer?) and chat about how we overcame it.
    you rock!
    keep at it!

  2. I enjoy your blog and I agree wholeheartedly with everything you say...when are people going to wake up??? Something needs to be done to help our kids and prevent more and more from getting autism. I am anxious to hear how your journey goes...God bless.