Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What is a sensory diet??

When I first saw this I was like "OH NO!!" but then I thought 'There is no way this child is over sensitive to sound'. Especially if you hear how loud he wants to put the tv or how loud he is in the bathtub (loves the echo). Will is definitely under sensititve to sound. So, we figured out he does this when there is a scary part in the movie. I guess it is his way to feel safe. Actually now that I think about it, I do this too when I don't want to hear a scary part in Kevin's gross Zombie movies.... Hmmmm not far from the tree I guess.

I am currently trying to learn about the sensory integration issues. It is kind of confusing to understand why paint on Will's hands makes him so crazy, how sitting in a box of beans is helpful, or even what a sensory diet is... I'm pretty sure Will has vestibular, propreoceptive, and tactile issues. I know he is under sensitive to sound and pain. We have Occupational therapy on Wednesdays and she said he is doing better. She said that most of his 'behavior problems' are because he is reacting to his sensory issues. (Some of it is being a 2 yr old as well I'm sure! : ).

Here is a picture of big brother Taylor getting in on the Sensory diet fun!
Click for a website that I think is helpful for setting up a sensory diet. Or this one, really you can just google sensory diet and there is a million sites to help.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

All I want for xmas is my two front teeth....

(Picture is day of Pre-Op! Took it on my phone so it is not great quality... He fell asleep with Grandma pulling him in one of the hospitals wagons while Mommy was filling out paperwork)

So, Will has gotten through the dreaded "dental work" and we have all come out okay in the end. Dr. Michelle Harmon at the
The Athens Dentistry for Children did a wonderful job and did not have to pull any teeth!! She did some fillings and capped some teeth and although he looks a little different to Mommy, he looks great! I recommend her as a dentist and them as a practice to anyone who has a special needs child. Definitely worth the drive! I went to 2 other dentists before finding this practice. I wanted the best for my son and Dr. Harmon and her staff are the best!

*Note: If you have a child with who won't loose the bottle I suggest changing from juice to some kind of green tea with
Stevia or Xylotol. I prefer Stevia for Will because it helps prevent gum disease and some say reduces plaque. Xylotol is good but for some has a laxative effect and no thanks on that!! LOL.

So Grandma helped with
Pre-Op, Aunt Jodi got Taylor off the bus and we spent 2 days in Athens. On the day of the surgery we were a mess! Athens Regional Outpatient Center was fabulous! Everyone was so great with Will. It was not fun seeing him in recovery but once the narcotics kicked in and the IV was taken out he was set to go. The next couple of days he continued to get better (of course there was some crying) and I am happy to report that today we are pretty much off the Motrin and Tylenol.