Tuesday, August 26, 2008


*Click on the title "Progress" and you can see a short (not very good) video clip of Will that I was trying to make for Grandma. (I will change it to a better one if I can get him to do it again. You know you pull out the video camera and they stop whatever they are doing! :)

Will has been doing really good lately. We are still having some behavior issues but not nearly as much as before. This last week he did some really cool things.

First of all, Kevin has been teaching him to make a surprise face and put his hand up to his mouth. He has done that on command or even initiated it.

When mommy says "Oh Toodles" from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse he will say his version (which if I do say so myself is pretty darn close to the actual words).

Also, he will shush you with his finger to his mouth and say "shhh". It is the cutest thing ever!!

And finally, Mommy's phone has a ringtone by Gwen Stafani, so not your normal phone ringing. Well, the other night I was at the desk helping Taylor with his spelling words and Kevin called, as he always does on his way home from work. Will was laying on the floor watching some cartoon and my phone was on the sofa. Will got up, picked up the phone, walked over to me and put the phone to his ear said "Hello" (or his version of the word), then handed the phone to Mommy. We were so excited! It was so cool!
So big interacting this week. Eye contact is awesome! He will even look up when you call his name every once in a while!! So progress is being made, slowly but still progress!

Here are some more entries to Kevin's Journal about Will...
July 29, 2008 It has been awhile since I have sat down in front of this document. My absence should not be mistaken for a lack of the amazement, because that occurs every single day. The simple fact is that I tend to get to things in my own time.

Breakfast time, I get to enjoy this time only a few days a week, and normally it involves a shower afterwards. Not because Will throws his food, but if Almond butter is good for your hair, Will has the healthiest hair around.

Anyway, Mom had put Monsters Inc in for him to watch. I pressed play, and put him in his seat to enjoy a very healthy breakfast loaded with… Supplements! I left the room to get some coffee and when I returned Will was sitting there covering one eye. I asked him if he was alright, I know, but he was looking past me and at the screen. So, I watched. I noticed that when Sully came into frame he lowered his hand, but when Mike was in frame he covered one eye. To some of you that might be reading this and haven’t seen the movie, Sully has two eyes where Mike only has one. Good job buddy!

I often think how when Taylor was younger and going through his developmental stages, I took all of the little things for granted. Now please understand that they were noted and always found to be the cutest of behaviors, but nothing like this. These tiny little milestones of Will’s are far from tiny. They have become one of the biggest parts of my life.

August 10, 2008 My sister-in-law had called yesterday, nothing important, just a friendly call to see what was going and to say hello. She did ask a question that I do get often and even though there are a plethora of answers, I often respond quite vaguely.

“Have there been any improvements with Will?”

Yes there have been improvements. Some days they are great and some days not, but they are ever coming. I am beyond thankful that they are too. Now to us, these improvements are huge. Are they to our friends and family? I believe they are. Are they as monumental and healing to them as they are to us? I don’t know, and this is why I answer vaguely when asked.

I find it hard to believe that unless you have had your heart torn from deep inside you, stomped on, torn to shreds, and shoved back in… You have no idea what it is like. Now this is not to fault anyone, it is just so and there is nothing that can change it.

I love my family and friends and am very fortunate. Thank you all.

A smile cracks across my face as I proof this rant. I don’t even know what sense it makes upon delivery, but it does make at least one of my stitches heal.

What has brought my heart to this log today is a simple token, which is far from small and did its share of healing to a damaged heart this morning.

Will and I had the morning to ourselves today. He woke up crazy early this morning and shortly after, put himself back to sleep watching TV from the couch. Now all went pretty much to the normal tempo. He woke up, he had breakfast, and he took a bath.

The mood was awesome. He was talking in the gibberish that more times than not fills my ears, laughing in his in his sweet little voice, and playing with the greatest of intentions. I was at the computer doing something unimportant when it happened. Will had walked to the edge of the desk and paused. Looking straight at me he said “dad.” My attention immediately shifted to this little angel that stood besides me and I couldn’t help but smile at him, softly responding with a yes. I was frozen and nothing more was said at that moment, but he grinned and giggled at the reception of my attention.

Saturday, August 23, 2008 I was outside doing something, and both of the boys were in the house. Will had walked up to the window to see what I was doing. He stood there for a minute and then walked away. Moments later I heard a knocking on the front door which repeated only a few times. A short pause followed and then this little voice said “hello.”


  1. Kevin needs to write a book! No doubt it would be a best seller. I smile and cry at the same time just reading his blog. It souds like Will is doing GREAT, I HATE living so far away! Thinking that when I come to visit I am going to be nothing more than a stranger to him. Give him big hugs from his Aunt and cousin. We love you!!!!!!

  2. Great words from Kevin. Don thought everything said was "awesome." Our guys are getting there and I know they'll beat this autism monster!

  3. Small things are so huge! Great to hear of all the progress!

  4. I just watched the video...wow, he has no fear of standing on that table! Maybe he'll be an Olympic gymnast! :)