Monday, July 28, 2008

The way Daddy sees it...

Here is a bit of Kevin's journal he keeps about Will's day to day improvements, much more eloquent than I could ever write. Makes me cry every time I read it as I picture the moment and feel the joy in my sweet husbands heart.

June 27, 2008
He was taking a nap, and after about an hour and a half he began to stir. Hearing the commotion, I came into the room to find him sleepy eyed and sitting up in the middle of the bed. I quickly and quietly lay down beside him and offered him his bottle. As he rushed the bottle to his mouth, he buried his head in the nook of my arm. As he lay there quenching his thirst he, as if it was as natural as to breathe, reached for his mother's hair to play with. After only a few moments of searching he handed me the bottle, and gave me the sweetest look of satisfaction, closing his eyes and drifting back to sleep in his daddy's arms.
July 3, 2008
I had just finished installing the coax in Grandma's new bedroom, and was enjoying the feeling of lying on the living room floor. Will was sitting on the floor just below the couch playing with his giraffe stuffed animal. I quietly watched him hold the giraffe, which stood eye to eye with him as he sat. He would bend its neck and making a calling sound as he moved the giraffe's mouth towards the ceiling. He did this three or four times but a sweet smile followed each one of the giraffe's happy cries.
July 4, 2008
Melissa and I had just gotten home from Publix and were busy unloading the groceries when Will bolted out the front door. Ignoring the distant explosions courtesy of the premature patriots and cheesing about the freedom, he ran straight to the kiddy pool in the side yard. Surprisingly he only stayed for a moment before running towards the street. Along the way he grabbed a small branch from the pear tree. As he grew closer to the street Melissa said "No sir, stay in your yard!" The pitter patter of his steps slowed as he settled on the sidewalk. Taking a long pause to look and the street and contemplate his mother's request, he turned towards us. Very seriously and slowly, he raised the branch, which could be best described as a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, to his face and disappeared from sight. Happy 4th of July!!!
July 6, 2008
Sunday morning… Still trying to wake up and working on my second cup of coffee, it's Will and I. Melissa is sleeping. Taking advantage of the small luxuries she is afforded every so often. Will is in a wonderful mood. Running and playing. One of his new friends is his giraffe. He woke this morning in his normal fashion. He is excited to see us as if having been away on vacation. I wonder where he goes in his dreams, but that is another entry at another time. He danced his giraffe around the bed, bending his neck to and fro. After leaving the bedroom, he seemed more interested in playing than he did in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I agree, not the norm.
Grandma came out of her bedroom and he immediately acknowledged her, running up and having the giraffe talk to her, as if to say "good morning Grandma." He then grabbed a ball and tossed it to her to initiate interactive play. Grandma, very excited because of this, came to me to tell me all about it. As I sat in front of the computer sharing my own observations with Grandma, we noticed something else. Will had placed his giraffe on top of his rocking horse and was rocking it back and forth.
I have noticed an improvement in his play over the past week alone. Now I don't know how much of these observation are amplified due to my desperation. Amplified or not, I like the way it makes me feel to see him coming back to us from this foggy place where he has lived for so long.
Note: Kevin is the photographer of the family so it is hard to find a good one of those two together. This was one day we took Will to the Yellow River Game Ranch and some ducks were just walking with the boys along the path!


  1. OMG, I want to cry! I am SO happy that he is doing better.. LOVE to all, and give Will and extra squeeze.. LOVE Michele and Brittney

  2. That's how I feel, too. Happy to see them coming out of the fog. To watch them push a car across the kitchen floor makes me jump up and down and clap my hands for them. Don't you think we appreciate the little things so much more?

  3. What a blessing that Will has y'all for a dad and mom. i miss you all more than i can say this is scott's account but its really me