Saturday, July 26, 2008

More Supplements? Seriously?

Well, had a phone appointment with Dr. Sloan yesterday and things are going as planned. We got some test results back and are going to continue to work on his system (liver, belly, etc) for another month and then start
Chelation in another month.

So, 2 more supplements to add to his daily schedule! If it wasn't so obvious that all this was working I don't think I could stick with it. The diet you get used to but the supps are a pain in the butt! Just when you get all the a.m. ones into him then you have to start the p.m. ones!! But it is working and that is what is important!

Now to all those Moms (or Dads) who are trying to figure out a way to get these
supps into their little ones here are the ideas that I have either come up with or gotten from another Mom going through the same thing:

  • Applesauce
  • Almond or Cashew Butter - Usually on some Rice Almond Toast
  • Jelly or Honey on toast usually or w/ a spoon.
  • Fruit Smoothie (We will do these b/c they are nice to hide many supplements in and some of the other choices you can only put one or two.)
  • Refried beans -We use fritos to dip
  • Hummus
  • In juice, almond milk, etc, - I find that if you get the stronger juices they don't notice the supps. (We like the True Blue Blueberry Pomegranate or the V8 Fusion -Will can't have tomato so you have to check the label, the Acai Mixed Berry is good) We try not to give him anything with Hydrogenated oils or corn syrup.
  • Some people hide supps in baby food (but that sicks me out, I know I'm strange)
  • If they are not heat sensitive you can put one pancakes b4 flipping over, waffles, etc.
  • Make your own Popsicles.

There are more choices if you don't have such a strict diet like Will. Since he can't have Gluten, Casein, Egg, Tomato, Peanut, or Soy these don't work for us but are still good ideas.

  • Ketchup
  • Eggs
  • Spaghetti Sauce
  • Yogurt, pudding, jello (Once again Gross!! lol, my husband tells me just b/c I don't like something doesn't mean other people don't??)


  1. Wow, your supps look very familiar! :o) I mix the multivitamin in their juice in the am. Also in the am they get the probiotic, fish oils, and Learner's edge mixed in their yogurt. I repeat that at lunch or dinner-whichever I remember-lol! I also put a few drops of grapefruit seed extract in their juice a couple times a day. I like them eating a lot of yogurt because they don't like the rice milk or almond milk very much. I know you can't do soy, but someday if you're able, Whole Foods carries a great dairy free yogurt called SO Delicious. They have a ton of different flavors. Most of your fav items are also ours. What are you guys using for the yeast?

  2. Oh yeah, and we're adding the PureKids into the yogurt as well today-it just came in the mail. Gotta get that liver working good and have it ready for chelation!

  3. hi mama! i'm new to your blog, but wanted to say that we're on the same diet/supplements and i'm trying to be creative with hiding them too.
    awesome job there!
    your son is so blessed to have you as his mama.