Friday, July 4, 2008

He can't eat anything!! -1st week on diet

Well not anything but that is how it feels as I am making out this grocery list. No Gluten/No Casein/No Egg/No Tomato/No Peanuts/No Soy....Good thing my child likes fruits and vegetables : ) - If you live in Atlanta and would like a spreadsheet of what cost what at the different stores just email me.

Day 1

Breakfast: Sliced Boars Head Turkey, a few Craisins, banana, and some fritos. (I know it sounds awful doesn't it... but the VANs waffles I had bought had Soy and I had forgotten to look for that until this morning so without my coffee it was the best I could do.
Lunch: Rotisserie Chicken (plain), peas, and grapes.
Dinner: Lots of green beans cooked in olive oil, some oranges, (I also made him a sweet potato and cut up some avocado but he wasn't interested)
Snacks: A few fritos and a couple of pieces of watermelon.
Drinks: Straw/Banana Smoothie, Tea, Juice,

Day 2

Breakfast: Some turkey and a banana
Lunch: Hamburger with onion (Bubba Burger), sweet potato, green beans

Dinner: Ians Fish Sticks/grapes/peas
Gorilla Munch cereal
Drinks: Smoothie (blueberry, mango, OJ, banana)

Day 3 (Is it day 3 already?)
I went to Whole Foods last night so I have a few more options today. Got some convenience foods. Not as expensive as I would have thought.

Breakfast: Some Gorilla Munch Cereal and a chicken sausage patty
Lunch: Ian's turkey corndogs, fritos, peaches
Dinner: watermelon, rice and beef (just a little)
bit of refried beans, few fritos (I put in his yucky pill)
Drinks: tea, juice, vanilla almond milk

Day 4 (Will's birthday- turned 2)
Breakfast: Buttered (Fleishmans lite) (Food For Life Rice Almond Rice bread) toast, Boars Head Turkey, Banana
Lunch: Ians fish sticks, grapes
Dinner: Corn, watermelon,
Snacks: bit of refried beans, few fritos (once again for the yucky pill)
Drinks: Vanilla Almond Breeze milk, V8 fruit juice
Dessert : I made him a strawberry shake with Rice Dream Vanilla ice cream and his vanilla milk (snuck some supps in there too!)

Day 5 (He had a bite or two of a Pringles chip b4 I could get it from him - has gluten)
Breakfast: Chicken sausage
Lunch: Ians corn dogs, watermelon, gorilla munch cereal
Dinner: Almond butter and honey on some FFL bread, blueberries,
Snacks: Banana Strawberry smoothie (2 ounces w/ supps)

Day 6

Breakfast: Piece of toasted Almond Rice bread, apple chicken sausage.

Lunch: Banana, Some peas, Boars Head turkey, a few craisins.

Dinner: Ian's corn dogs, watermelon, smoothie

Day 7- One week!

Breakfast: Apple chicken sausage patty, gorilla munch cereal

Lunch: Green beans, corn on the cobb, some BH turkey

Dinner: Hot dog, cherries, fritos and refried beans.

Not such a bad week. We have already seen some improvements. (We took away Casein the week before) He is pointing, playing with toys more appropriately and has been running up to Grandma and giving her a hug when she comes in the room. I am very hopeful!!! The diet is not so hard. I will need to start cooking more meals, just a little overwhelmed this week. The supplements are the hard part for us.

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  1. I did the diet for a while. There are some videos on youtube with cfgf cooking tips.
    I liked Kimmy Krocker. She did a few. My husband and I thought she would end up on foodnetwork tv.
    She use to do recipes for friends.
    Here is the link I have some of her videos on the community.
    The one I thought would be really good was on making your own playdoh cfgf.
    Anyway here is the link

    Not only are they funny she really had something special going.