Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Just got back from taking Will to the dentist. Thank God Grandma went with us because I was a mess when we left. The dentist and the staff are great. We drove all the way to Athens because so many parents of kids with Autism raved about this dentist and their ability to make everything calm and to be understanding of tantrums, etc.

So Will has 4 cavaties. Two in the back molars, and they will have to pull two of his teeth because the cavaties go all the way around. We will have to take him to Athens Hospital to get this done and be put to sleep under general anestsia. I am heartbroken. He doesn't sleep very well. Gets up 10+ times a night and will pull my hair or hit me until he gets a bottle then right off to sleep. Many people have told me just to let him cry or that I am not teaching him to sleep correctly but I am seriously doing the best I can right now. So he has "bottle decay". I don't want him to have to go through this and I don't want the teeth pulled because I don't want him to be different from other kids any more than he has to.

It is going to cost over $2k if insurance doesn't pay. We are waiting to see what they will approve. Another 2k. Every evaluation seems to be over 2k, every training class. I wonder if that is our magic number? Maybe I will play it in the lottery.

So now we wait, not knowing if Will is in pain from this cavity because he can't tell me. It will take at least 2 weeks for the insurance approval to come back, then schedule with hospital, dentist, etc.

My frustration is high lately, so is Kevin's. So much to take on and it just keeps on coming. Still while typing this my sweet little boy comes up and hugs me 3 times and gives me high five, which makes me so happy.

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