Friday, October 8, 2010


A few weeks ago, I watched the movie DEAR JOHN not knowing that it had anything to do with Autism (because, I usually like to be prepared for that). Well it wasn't the little Autistic boy that upset me, it was the adult with Autism that really struck an emotion with me. I cried like a baby through most of the movie. Thinking about it all week, I realized that when I think of Will as an adult, I don't think of him having Autism. It is kind of like this is just something that we are having to go through with him as a child. With all the biomedical treatments that we are doing with Will there is hope. There is a lot of frustration too! Do we have him on the right supplements, how to get all the supplements in him each day, the diet (ugh), etc. But the reality of it is that we might have to deal with this for our whole life. That he may struggle. But I will remain hopeful.

This last two weeks Will has had very bad days and very good days. For a few days last week he was so out of sorts. He was violent, didn't listen, got upset easily, etc. Then it turned around and he had some great days where he behaved, used good manners, and seemed generally happier. Did we do something different? Did he have a problem from the weather? What?? I couldn't tell you but the questions drive me crazy sometimes. Trying to figure out what we did right or what we did wrong.

Tonight, Will has been talking up a storm. He has been using sentences all night. "Daddy, I made a boat at school, too" or "Gmom, open this door, NOW!" (he thinks since we say it, he can too). The speech improvement isn't what makes me the happiest, it's the sharing of his day and the conversations that he is having. I LOVE IT!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dr. Bob Sears

Sunday, my friend Lynn and I went to see Dr. Bob Sears at a TACA event. He was on his book tour for his book The Autism Book. So glad I went, because not only did I learn so much but I got a renewed enthusiasm for biomedical. Not that we have stopped the treatments for Will but you get complacent, and it is so important to do as much as you can when they are still so young (Will just turned 4 in July). I have ordered my book from Amazon and can't wait for the UPS guy to get here! Will was on most of the items that Dr. Sears thinks is essential but there were a few that I would like to try. I need to talk to Will's DAN! doctor before we get started but I am going to read the book first.

Another thing that I was excited about from the meeting was a new product (or new to me) that Nordic Naturals has out. We have had the hardest time with getting Will to take Fish Oil. The liquid and most of the gummies he won't touch. This product is a drink or an effervescent, I put it in his bottle that he has for when he wakes up during the night (don't judge me! :) and it is sweetened with stevia so it is not bad for his teeth. We have tried it the last two nights and he drank it all up!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lots of Changes

Lots of changes going on. Will is now going to Pharr Elementary school Monday-Friday from 8:30-1:15. They tried to talk me into all day (which is just an hour and 15 min more but I held my ground. I think it is just too long a day to start out with since he hasn't had any preschool yet. So first day of school and Will wakes up at 4am. Like awake awake. I was really worried that he was going to have a bad day. Miss. Whitney his teacher said that he did great! He did cry a few times but overall a good day. Here is a picture of Will in the car on the way home.

The next morning I woke him up and told him it was time for school and he said "Yeah, school!" so I guess he likes it! He even got out with the other kids at the carpool are the second day. What a big sweet boy he is becoming! Ms. Whitney said he even learned how to spell his name! (Mommy has been working on that but apparently didn't know the cool song that was the key to learning!)
A proud Mommy and Daddy! (and Grandma!)

Friday, July 30, 2010

What we are eating

I have not posted in quite a while and I had a friend ask what Will eats to help out her son so I
figured I would blog about what we are eating right now. We are really happy because there are some really good Gluten Free/Casein Free foods coming onto the market that make our lives
much easier and limits things that Will has to miss out on.

Probably the most exciting product is the new bread. It is actually very similar to regular bread. Not that heavy bread that we are used to that you need to toast to be able to eat. My son Taylor even had a grilled cheese (he is not gf/cf) on the bread yesterday and said it was good! Two
brands that we are eating right now are Udi and Nature's Own. I found the Udi at Ingles and the
Nature's Own at Kroger.

Will has become really picky in his old age (Just turned 4, I can't believe it!!) and so once we find some stuff he will eat then we stock up. He loves these Chicken Apple Sausages (the ones without the casings) Whole foods makes a great one or you can get these Applegate Farms at Kroger. Also, the chicken nuggets.

These snap peas are good for on the go (make sure you don't get the ones with cheese!)

These cookies are good and you can get them at Amazon for a good price!
Cereal choices- Rice Krispies and Mother Bumpers (really?? You couldn't have come up with a better name then that? )
So, those are our current favorite products that are GF/CF. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

What happened this week!

I haven't had time to really blog lately so I figured I would just post part of the journal I keep for Will...


Today is Mothers day and it really makes me think about how much I love being a mom. As hard as it is sometimes, it is even more wonderful. You have such a great sense of humor. You were out in playing in the pool this week (like I can get you out of there) and you were swimming under water, which you taught yourself, and I was clapping and saying “great job Will!” and you looked at me and started bowing to the right and left saying “ Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” It was so freaking cute! Daddy made you a house out of our new dishwasher box and it had a door and a window and you were loving playing in that, pretending it was Will’s house.

A big thing that happened is you are showing empathy more and more. You were watching some strange movie called “5 kids and It” and at the end the boy is sad because his daddy is off to war, etc and you started crying!!! You felt sad that the boy was sad! That is huge and we couldn’t be more thrilled!! You are such a joy!